Pregnancy Update at 19 Weeks: It’s A…!

I have to admit, this isn’t a new “mom blog,” but this pregnancy is a huge part of my life. As a first-time (soon-to-be-) mother, there are some wild things going on that I think others can relate to… and it seems we’re not talking about these things because, before I got pregnant, I truly had no idea what it would be like.

Note: I also want to be sensitive to those women and couples who wish to be pregnant and cannot, have not, or will not ever bear a child. What I’m about to say has to do with my experience – something I value as a privilege. I don’t mean to offend anyone else or their experiences in trying to grow a family of their own. Please know, though, that I am excited and want to share my excitement, as well as shine some light on what it’s been like to grow a human…

Each Friday turns a new week in my pregnancy and this week it’s 19 weeks – baby’s the size of a mango, apparently! We had our anatomy ultrasound a week ago to see how babe’s doing and to see the gender!

It was still a bit early, as they like to do this around 20 weeks, so I’ll go back in a month to see some additional parts of the anatomy she was unable to see in the scan. She and my doctor were not worried – baby and I are healthy! The ultrasound tech was very kind and wrapped our gender in an envelope to open at home between just me and my husband.

We went right home and opened it!!! But, we didn’t tell our families for another week, which would have been simple now that we live in a different state, but I went to Florida and stayed with my parents, and my husband stayed with his for a couple of days prior to our announcement!

My parents were understanding that we wanted to wait until everyone was together, but that didn’t stop my mom from asking things like, “So, what’s his nursery going to be like?” and “Are you excited for another girl in the family?” just to get a rise out of me and judge my reaction. I was surprised by how well I did with saying, “it” and “the baby” and not “he” or “she.” My mom thinks I slipped and said “he” once, but I’m sure I said “it.”

I worked a tournament and several people asked if we knew… I eventually said no I didn’t know because I couldn’t continue keeping it from people asking!

On the day of the reveal, my oldest sister and her four kiddos, plus my parents and my husband’s parents all gathered on Tuesday, May 28 (also my birthday!). We video messaged with my aunt and sister, too.

All day I was at my parent’s house making cake pops with colored filling, cleaning up any remnants of what color it could be and worried I’d miss some spots with the white chocolate coating and reveal the color (pink or blue) before anyone bit into one.gender reveal 1

Finally, everyone grabbed a cake pop and bit into it at the same time. Inside… PINK! Baby Green is a GIRL!

  • Currently craving: Spicy food and juicy fruit (especially oranges and pineapple). Give me all the red pepper flakes, Cholula hot sauce, and buffalo sauce! It’s apparently an old wives’ tale that craving spicy food means you’re having a boy… not for me!
  • Feeling (physically): Great! I have my energy back and sometimes forget I’m pregnant. I’m constantly hearing people (my husband and my parents) tell me to slow down, sit down, stop lifting that… I’m also not feeling any kicks yet!
  • Feeling (emotionally): Had my first breakdown in a restaurant. A friend and I were talking about being a new mom and I started crying that my mom didn’t automatically feel these natural maternal instincts and I probably wouldn’t, either. And, my sister is such a natural and I don’t feel that. Wah! It’s normal and I know worrying solves nothing. Even if I don’t feel natural at being a mom right away (Hello! I’ve not been a mom in all 31 years of my life!), I will love her and support her and that’s something I know I can do.
  • Body: Constantly changing. Most notably, my chest seems to grow every day. Pregnancy is wild. And awesome. My body is not mine anymore for now and I’m treating it as well as I can!
  • Drinking: All the water! Funny how I struggled to drink 8 cups per day before becoming pregnant and now I drink over 80 oz. per day because I’m so darn thirsty.
  • Exercise: Walking a lot. Lifting a couple of times per week. I had been running 1-2 times per week, but that’s not as easy anymore, and I’m not as consistent with it. (It’s okay! I’m still active and healthy for me and babe!)

Thank you for your support on this journey!

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Sloane Green is a former volleyball player, current writer, and eating disorder survivor.

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