Hi, I’m Sloane!

What I tell people like Uber drivers who I am:     I write TripAdvisor reviews and play with my dogs. Yes, the blonde and the curls are natural.

What I actually (also) do:   Our experiences are not who we are, but give us opportunities to learn and grow. I’m a former athlete and had the unique experience of playing Division I and Division II volleyball. I’ve tried my hand at coaching, and now I’m fortunate enough to watch and write about volleyball for a living. So, I’m a sports writer.  I’m slightly awkward but strive to own it. And, okay, I’m 30 and a dog mom.

Alongside these passions, I get excited about telling important stories and relating to the female athletes I get to work with. I’m not here to prove anything, and my work isn’t about me anymore. I’ll usually speak about my experiences, but I’m here to be imperfect and authentic.

Thanks for coming by… stay for a while.