Pregnancy Update: 30 (!!) Weeks & She Said What?

It just doesn’t seem real that in around 10 weeks, Baby Girl will be here. It also doesn’t seem too long ago that we were even thinking about having a kiddo of our own… and my teeny mound of a belly has now grown into something much larger and I am so proud of this body.

People seem to be surprised that a pregnant woman keeps gets bigger. (Hello! That’s the point!) And it continues to surprise me when people (mostly women actually, which is the craziest part to me) say well-meaning things that are actually rude, personal, and offensive. Continue reading Pregnancy Update: 30 (!!) Weeks & She Said What?

Pregnancy Update at 19 Weeks: It’s A…!

I have to admit, this isn’t a new “mom blog,” but this pregnancy is a huge part of my life. As a first-time (soon-to-be-) mother, there are some wild things going on that I think others can relate to… and it seems we’re not talking about these things because, before I got pregnant, I truly had no idea what it would be like.

Note: I also want to be sensitive to those women and couples who wish to be pregnant and cannot, have not, or will not ever bear a child. What I’m about to say has to do with my experience – something I value as a privilege. I don’t mean to offend anyone else or their experiences in trying to grow a family of their own. Please know, though, that I am excited and want to share my excitement, as well as shine some light on what it’s been like to grow a human…

Each Friday turns a new week in my pregnancy and this week it’s 19 weeks – baby’s the size of a mango, apparently! We had our anatomy ultrasound a week ago to see how babe’s doing and to see the gender!

It was still a bit early, as they like to do this around 20 weeks, so I’ll go back in a month to see some additional parts of the anatomy she was unable to see in the scan. She and my doctor were not worried – baby and I are healthy! The ultrasound tech was very kind and wrapped our gender in an envelope to open at home between just me and my husband.

We went right home and opened it!!! But, we didn’t tell our families for another week, which would have been simple now that we live in a different state, but I went to Florida and stayed with my parents, and my husband stayed with his for a couple of days prior to our announcement!

My parents were understanding that we wanted to wait until everyone was together, but that didn’t stop my mom from asking things like, “So, what’s his nursery going to be like?” and “Are you excited for another girl in the family?” just to get a rise out of me and judge my reaction. I was surprised by how well I did with saying, “it” and “the baby” and not “he” or “she.” My mom thinks I slipped and said “he” once, but I’m sure I said “it.”

I worked a tournament and several people asked if we knew… I eventually said no I didn’t know because I couldn’t continue keeping it from people asking!

On the day of the reveal, my oldest sister and her four kiddos, plus my parents and my husband’s parents all gathered on Tuesday, May 28 (also my birthday!). We video messaged with my aunt and sister, too.

All day I was at my parent’s house making cake pops with colored filling, cleaning up any remnants of what color it could be and worried I’d miss some spots with the white chocolate coating and reveal the color (pink or blue) before anyone bit into one.gender reveal 1

Finally, everyone grabbed a cake pop and bit into it at the same time. Inside… PINK! Baby Green is a GIRL!

  • Currently craving: Spicy food and juicy fruit (especially oranges and pineapple). Give me all the red pepper flakes, Cholula hot sauce, and buffalo sauce! It’s apparently an old wives’ tale that craving spicy food means you’re having a boy… not for me!
  • Feeling (physically): Great! I have my energy back and sometimes forget I’m pregnant. I’m constantly hearing people (my husband and my parents) tell me to slow down, sit down, stop lifting that… I’m also not feeling any kicks yet!
  • Feeling (emotionally): Had my first breakdown in a restaurant. A friend and I were talking about being a new mom and I started crying that my mom didn’t automatically feel these natural maternal instincts and I probably wouldn’t, either. And, my sister is such a natural and I don’t feel that. Wah! It’s normal and I know worrying solves nothing. Even if I don’t feel natural at being a mom right away (Hello! I’ve not been a mom in all 31 years of my life!), I will love her and support her and that’s something I know I can do.
  • Body: Constantly changing. Most notably, my chest seems to grow every day. Pregnancy is wild. And awesome. My body is not mine anymore for now and I’m treating it as well as I can!
  • Drinking: All the water! Funny how I struggled to drink 8 cups per day before becoming pregnant and now I drink over 80 oz. per day because I’m so darn thirsty.
  • Exercise: Walking a lot. Lifting a couple of times per week. I had been running 1-2 times per week, but that’s not as easy anymore, and I’m not as consistent with it. (It’s okay! I’m still active and healthy for me and babe!)

Thank you for your support on this journey!

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Mom Jeans Are In (13 Week Update)

We’ve been keeping a bit of a secret – though it seems apparent and not a secret at all by the way I have been feeling. I’m pulling out my Mom jeans in October… I’m pregnant! This journey has been so special already and I’m so happy I get to share the news now.

Here are some answers to the questions we’ve been getting:

  • Due date: October 25, 2019
  • How far along are you? About 13 weeks.
  • When did you find out? I was feeling “off” (dizzy, tired, high heart rate doing normal activities, sore chest area…) very soon after I likely conceived and we confirmed (with four tests) at the beginning of February. My first doctor’s appointment was on March 19th. And, yes, there’s just one in there.
  • Gender: We don’t know yet! We want to find out when we can, which is scheduled right now May 21. We could have done the early genetic testing which also tells us the gender, but because it’s an out-of-pocket expense and I am not high-risk, we opted to wait.
  • Planned? ::Eyeroll:: Can you imagine? (Yes! We’re pumped!)
  • Feeling sick? For a couple of weeks, but it’s mostly gone now. I feel really lucky with this as some women have told me they felt nauseous for most of their pregnancy. I will say, the first two times I actually got sick (I did this a total of four times – TMI?) were the worst ideal situations I could imagine.
  • Other feelings: TIRED. Excited. Nervous. Now that I’m in the second trimester (what?!), my energy is returning and I’ve been feeling more able to have a somewhat normal daily life!
  • Cravings: Not many yet, though I’ve been eating 200% more fruit than ever before – I think that has to do with feeling thirsty and dehydrated. And… carby things like bagels and crackers, though I attribute that to settling my stomach when I was feeling sick.
  • Names? We don’t have any yet. We have some ideas, but we likely won’t share until the baby is born… you know how people can be 🙂
  • Have you always wanted kids? No, actually. It’s been a growing feeling within the last year. When I got married, I liked my life just as it was… just me and my bestie husband and our two dogs. Within the year we’ve been talking a lot about it and we felt like we’d be missing out on more life by not having a child.
  • How did you tell your husband/family? My husband was right there with me when I took my tests. He didn’t believe the first two because the lines on the test weren’t really too bold… but, as time passed and I tested again, there was no question! And, he was so happy! As for my family, they were all together right when I hit the 12-week mark which was convenient timing (most of my family is in Florida with one sister in California). I sent a package for my niece’s birthday with a scratch-off lotto ticket I found on Etsy (here!) to reveal the news with some photos and gifts inside… along with her birthday gift, of course!

I’m thrilled to share this news and my journey. As many of you might know my history with battling my body, I am so (so, so) happy to be able to be pregnant with a (so far) healthy outlook. I know so many women have trouble conceiving and because of the neglect of their nutrition and the care of their bodies for so many years. Because of this, I was unsure if I would be one of them, too.

Another thing I’ve been worried about in getting pregnant at all is how I would take care of myself as I saw my body growing softer, daily. And, how I would feel in my body after I became a mom. It’s something on my mind, but so far, I’ve been happy to say that I am enjoying the journey.

I’ve felt a lot of fatigue so far so my exercise routine is not the same or even close. I’m currently the number-one fan of walking and quick lifting routines. I’ve run a total of 12 miles within these 13 weeks, going from running around 10-20 miles per week to 0-5. I feel more energized and more myself doing something active, but I’ve been more than okay with trading my cardio circuit workouts with a walk around the block. I’ve never been a napper, but I’m now trading in doing more with snoozefests. I’m also trying to eat well – regularly with a variety of good nutrition… but that doesn’t mean I’m saying “no” to a blueberry glazed donut (uh, never!).

And… I’m weirdly okay with it all. I’m listening to my body and I’m proud of that. It’s no longer only about me and my health and that’s something that has always motivated me – doing good for myself… for someone else. Now it’s about baby, my husband, my family, and me.

That being said, I’ve heard that once you spill the beans that you’re pregnant, you’ll start fielding tons of (unsolicited) advice. I get that people are trying to be helpful, but you know what I want the most? I want to experience a pregnancy that is special to my husband and I, the way it happens to unfold. I have a doctor. I have a mom and sister who make it look easy that I can run to for advice. I have the Googler. And, I have a lot of love for this little one already!

I’ll try to do a regular update along the way. Thanks for your support with our news!